Rules and Regulations

Loud Noise/Disturbing Other Persons:

Be considerate and keep the volume of your music, voices, and other noise to a reasonable level. Interfering with anyone’s use & enjoyment of the park, day/night is contrary to the Park Rules, Please DO NOT walk-through other sites. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult during these hours.


Garbage materials must be placed in designated containers. Household garbage is only allowed in dumpsters. No dumping of food scraps or cooking grease allowed on the ground. It must be disposed of in the dumpster provided and bagged properly. The following items are examples NOT to be placed in a dumpster: Mattresses, furniture, or any large items. etc.These large items should be taken to a landfill or removed by a debris removal service. Items left outside of the dumpster are subject to a $200.00 Fine.

Bicycles/ Scooters/ Toys:

Bicycles/scooters are allowed on roads only. No riding bicycles after dark and make sure to keep roads free of bikes and toys when not in use.

Golf Carts:

All guests wishing to have a golf cart must sign a liability waiver and provide a proof of insurance. Only those 16 years of age and older with a valid driver’s license are permitted to operate golf carts. Golf carts must use existing drives and will have to go over the speed bumps not around them. You may not drive through another campsite at any time, or your privileges will be revoked.

Tents & Tent Camping:

No tents or tent camping allowed.

Alcoholic Beverages:

Alcohol is permitted only on a registered campsite. Drinking or the possession of an open alcohol container in any other park is prohibited.

Speed Limits:

Speed limits in the park are 5 MPH and will be enforced. Obey at all times. Drive Slow!

Fireworks/Firearms and Hunting:

Are prohibited in the park.


Campfires allowed in fire pits only. Do not leave unattended. Make sure they are completely out when not in use.

Profanity/ Violence:

Screaming, hollering , abusive language , boisterous and/or violent behavior will not be tolerated.


Pets must be leashed, cleaned up after, not aggressive and not left unattended. Pets cannot be a nuisance to others, ex: constant barking. Do not leave doors or windows on RV, if you are away from the site and pet is left inside the RV. When you are gone pets are not allowed to be tied up outside or left on decks. No pets allowed in the office, game room , laundry room or in the pool area. The park reserves the right to prohibit any pets or breed at our discretion . Failure to comply will result in a $25 fine per occurrence and will result with pet being barred from the property.


Vehicles may be towed for expired tags, taking up multiple spaces, or parking in a non-parking space. Vehicles that appear not to be operational or with flat tires are also subject to towing. No mechanic work is allowed (changing oil, tires, etc.) Vehicles violating any of the above will be towed at the owner’s expense. All vehicles must be parked in designated areas. None will be allowed to impede the streets.

Site Maintenance:

Please keep sites free of litter and debris. When cleaning around your site do not put leaves or debris into the stream or on other sites. Do not cut trees or limbs on your site without permission.

Check In – Check Out Times:

Check in 2 PM – 5 PM.( If office is closed , please check board outside office door for your check in packet. )
Check out time is no later than 11 AM .

Non Emergency Contact Numbers:

Police: (859) 428-1212
Fire: (859) 824-9158
In case of emergency call: 911

Note: Management reserves the right to refuse admittance and evict anyone for failure to obey the rules of the park, without any refund. ( These rules and regulations will be enforced for the safety and enjoyment of our guests. They are subject to change or modified as needed)/ A copy of these rules must be signed by each guest at Northern Kentucky.

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